A Personal Trainer Checklist for Sales Management

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Sales managers looking for inspiration on how to help sales people perform better might want to take a lesson from personal trainers.  Here’s a checklist of the things a personal trainer does to get clients more fit, repurposed for sales.(Thanks to the Livestrong Foundation for the original list.)  

  1. Discuss Needs and Assess Fitness:  How is the person at sales in general? What areas do they need to develop to get better? Even great sales people have areas they can work on improving, just like great athletes have skill areas they focus on.
  2. Set Long Term and Short Term Goals:  People work best when they can see they are achieving things on the path to their ultimate goal. Even if the main objective is hitting their number at the end of the year, people still need measurable achievements to make sure they’re on the right path.
  3. Make a Plan:  Personal trainers make fitness plans. Sales leaders should make similar plans with their team players to balance out different activities like prospecting, networking, skill development, and working on current opportunities.
  4. Show Them How It’s Done:  Sales leaders may need to demonstrate skills (which may be why the best sales people are the ones who get promoted).  But because they see the whole team, they may want to show people how others are finding success.  The important thing is that people need to see how it’s done right, and see how that leads to success.
  5. Motivate and Cheer:  Sales can be a grind, and at times it can seem unrewarding.  In some enterprise sales environments, people can go for months without closing a deal.  An engaged manager who keeps them going can help them put in the extra effort that makes all the difference.

Taking cues from the fitness world may seem odd at first, but when you look at the above list it all comes together and makes perfect sense. I hope you find these tips as helpful as I do and that they help you  get your team fit and ready to win.

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