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n a recent blog post, Richard Snow of Ventana Research comments on Enkata’s commitment to enhancing the customer experience by increasing our product portfolio to include unstructured data analytics.  I encourage you to take a look at his findings, as they give insight into some of the crucial challenges we are helping our customers overcome.

Admittedly, no company can get customer service right 100 percent of the time. But every company has a set of target metrics and goals. How many companies achieve those goals? And how many systematically and accurately measure the key metrics?  Imagine what your customer churn rate would look like if you could consistently achieve your customer satisfaction goals.  That’s what we’re working on at Enkata with our analytics and expanding suite of services.

Our focus lies in improving employee performance – customer-facing employees working in contact centers as well as back office employees who have a tremendous impact on customer satisfaction by virtue of the accuracy and responsiveness of their work.  We look at individual performance compared to peers and averages.  We also look at process issues that hinder peak performance.

It’s fair to say that today’s employee-delivered customer services are not the same as they were 10 years ago.  It’s clear that the ‘easy’ requests and transactions are being handled by self-service channels.  And that service agents and processors are handling a higher percentage of the remaining, more challenging, complex transactions.  Keeping and training this new workforce requires more sophisticated tools and practices to move the needle on customer satisfaction.

That’s where Enkata comes in.  Our analytics applications answer the fundamental questions to help managers and executives.  What levers should we pull to reduce customer churn?  Where are the most impactful process failure points?  Who should we coach as highest relevance to the business?  What should we coach them on?  I’m excited to help businesses understand the quality of service being delivered by their organizations and to provide the tools to help them create outstanding customer experiences.

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