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Data Intelligence for Performance Optimization Enkata gives people the power to perform at their best through data driven insights and recommended actions.

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Enkata Helps People Perform at their Best

Enkata provides data intelligence solutions that help sales organizations and claims payers maximize their workforce performance and productivity. Enkata gives sales people insight into the key factors that determine sales performance, helps people understand the health of their pipeline, and prioritizes actions they can take to open more opportunities and close more business.  For health care claims payers, Enkata provides unparalleled insight into how people work and the key factors that influence the quantity of claims paid, and the quality and accuracy of their work.

Sales leaders turn to Enkata when they want to improve the revenue productivity of their sales team, identify and share best practices across their organization, or ensure that their sales process is being followed. Sales people rely on Enkata as a 'heads-up display' that shows them critical information about prospect engagement, deal velocity, and activities in their territory that they may be missing.

Claims payers look to Enkata to better understand the patterns and practices that lead to productivity and quality in their claims paying organization. Enkata's solution helps claims paying operations increase productivity substantially and reduce claims payment errors at the same time.