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Accelerate Your Sales With Enkata Power up your sales team with data driven insight and action.

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Enkata helps people learn and share best practices, and shows them where to focus for the greatest sales impact.

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Enkata shows exactly how leads are handled, and what people can do to maximize conversion rates.

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Enkata’s sales acceleration platform increases sales effectiveness, helps new hires ramp faster, and helps sales people close more business.  By organizing siloed sales data, and prioritizing the most important information, Enkata gives sales people insight into the key factors that determine sales performance, helps people understand the health of their sales funnel, and prioritizes actions they can take to open more opportunities and close more business. 

Enkata makes sure sales people have the information they need to perform at their best.  From account management and lead handling to sales pipeline management and opportunity health, Enkata helps sales managers and sales people keep track of the actions and activities that matter most.

Sales leaders turn to Enkata when they want to improve the revenue productivity of their sales team, identify and share best practices across their organization, or ensure that their sales process is being followed. Sales people rely on Enkata as a 'heads-up display' that shows them critical information about prospect engagement, deal velocity, and activities in their territory that they may be missing.