Sales acceleration with predictive analytics to identify risks and recommended actions that close more deals.

"Enkata is a must-have tool for sales managers and sales people alike.”

John Sutliffe, VP of Sales, Virgin Pulse
"Enkata is a must-have tool for sales managers and sales people alike.”
John Sutliffe, Vice President of Sales - Virgin Pulse
"I want to make sure people are focusing on the right accounts and deals. Enkata makes it easy for us."
Jim Mcloughlin, Head of Sales - Paytronix
"Enkata provides insight into the things that matter to most in running a high performing sales team."
Arnab Sur, Vice President of Sales - Red Book Connect
"Enkata has built the kind of solution sales leaders need to stay competitive in a data driven world."
Miles Austin, President - Fill The Funnel


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Let Enkata Help You Accelerate Sales

Enkata’s sales acceleration platform uses predictive analytics to help all members of the sales organization work smarter and close more deals.  Sales people, sales management, and sales operations all benefit from Enkata’s ability to organize sales data and Enkata’s specific recommendations for actions people can take to close more deals.  

For sales people, Enkata acts as a “heads-up display” that shows them critical information about prospect engagement, deal velocity, and activities in their territory that they may be missing.  Enkata’s tickler/reminder functionality automatically identifies and recommends actions they can take on leads and opportunities to advance and close deals.  Enkata’s automatic CRM logging functionality saves sales people time and ensures that all activities are captured in the CRM, even inbound emails and phone calls.  Enkata’s contact discovery feature mines the data to look for new account and opportunity contacts, and adds these to the CRM as well.  Being fully integrated with, Enkata operates where sales people are working to help them build a stronger sales pipeline and maximize their sales effectiveness.

For managers, Enkata makes sales forecasting faster and easier, giving them better visibility into the current forecast period as well as the next two.  By scoring the health of the sales pipeline and assessing each opportunity using consistent criteria, Enkata identifies which deals are at risk, and which ones need more attention.  Because Enkata shows the strength of the sales pipeline for future periods, managers have an early warning system to know if there is enough early stage activity now to become the late stage and closed-won deals of the future.  

For sales operations, Enkata takes reporting and sales analytics to a whole new level.  Enkata’s automatic CRM logging ensures that the CRM has the most complete data possible.  With enriched data gathered from many sources including phone, email and calendars, Enkata provides a better view into sales activities from lead handling to closing deals. Enkata has detailed reports for win/loss analysis, lead handling, account management, and more.  Enkata shows how deals are handled, and what the differences are between wins and losses. 

Enkata doesn’t require any changes in sales process or the tools people are already using. It supplements and supports existing sales methodologies to help sales teams improve their sales effectiveness, shorten sales cycles and close more deals.